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Medium and Heavy Turrets defend the base of both players. One way of winning a match is to destroy the enemy's Heavy Turret, which results in instant win! All Maps have a single Heavy Turret and 1-2 Medium Turrets that serve as a first line of defense.

Most Titans will make their ways towards and attack the closest Turret, usually attacking enemies along the way. Most Pilots will transition to attacking Turrets once all 3 Hardpoints are under their control.

TitansTurrets 00.png

Turret Level[edit | edit source]

Your Turret Level is determined by your Squad Level, which is an average of the levels of all cards in your current Squad. E.g. If you have a Squad of all Level 1 cards, your Squad Level is 10 (10 cards x 1) and your Turret level is 1. Your Turret Level increases to 2 once you have a Squad Level of 20-29, 3 when it reaches 30-39, and so on.

Turret Level determines its Health, Shields, and DPS (damage per second).