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  • You have 3 Squads to configure, selected using the “SQUAD 1-3” tabs in the Squad Overview screen.
  • Tapping Edit from the Squad Overview screen goes into Squad Edit. Your squad is displayed along the top row - Each dropship holds 3 Pilots & Titan pairs and 4 Burn Cards. The Collection Window below shows the player’s complete collection, organized by category. This window scrolls horizontally while the cards can be dragged to the squad above to make substitutions.
  • Cards can also be dragged left or right within the squad row to reorder your cards. The order of Pilots and Burn Card does not matter but how you order your Titans will determine the order they become available in Battle.
  • You can save up to 3 Squads, building them to support specific gameplay strategies like “Turret Rush” or “Late Game Control.”

Squad Overview[edit | edit source]

Average Supply[edit | edit source]

The average Supply cost to deploy each of your cards in Battle.

Squad Level[edit | edit source]

The combined Level of all cards in your Squad (E.g. if you have 10 cards that are Level 2, your Squad Level is 20).

Turret Level[edit | edit source]

This is a product of the Squad Level. A Squad Level of 10-19 will produce a Turret Level of 1. Squad Level 20-29 is a Turret Level of 2, and so on. The Turret Level affects the Health, Shields, and Damage Per Second (DPS) of your Medium and Heavy Turrets.

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