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A Squad consists of 3 Pilots, 3 Titans, and 4 Burn Cards.

  • You have 3 Squads to configure, selected using the “SQUAD 1-3” tabs in the Squad Overview screen.
  • Tapping Edit goes into the Squad Edit screen. The squad is displayed along the top row - each dropship holds 3 Pilots & Titan pairs and 4 Burn Cards. The Collection Window shows the player’s complete collection, organized by category. This window scrolls horizontally while the cards can be dragged to the squad above to make substitutions.
  • Cards can also be dragged left or right within the squad row to reorder Pilots & Titans and create new pairings (Burn Card order does not matter).

You can save up to 3 Squads, building them to support specific gameplay strategies like “Rush” or “Late Game Control.”