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Your Player Profile is a breakdown of your personal Stats in Titanfall: Assault.

Profile Info[edit | edit source]

The top bar displays your:

  • Avatar and Callsign
  • Player Level
  • Guild Name and Insignia
  • Trophy count
  • Rank

Player Stats[edit | edit source]

  • Total Wins
  • Turret Wins
  • Highest Trophy Count
  • Guild Objective Score
  • Cards Unlocked
  • Collection Level

Medium/ Heavy Turret[edit | edit source]

Next are the stats for your Medium and Heavy Turrets. Turret Level is based on a Squad's average card level.

  • Medium Turret - Health/ Shield and Damage Per Second (DPS)
  • Heavy Turret - Health/ Shield and Damage Per Second (DPS)

Squad[edit | edit source]

Your current Squad is displayed here along with the following stats:

  • Average Supply - Average cost of your cards to deploy.
  • Squad Level - The level of your cards combined.
  • Capture Power - How many units in your Squad can capture Hardpoints.

Maps[edit | edit source]

A list of the Maps currently available along with Maps that are unlocked at a later Profile level.