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Put your skills and your Squads to the test against specialized AI Commanders and their custom Squads. Commanders are unlocked as you level up your Player Profile with new Commanders to be released in the future and more Pilots, Titans, Burn Cards, Maps, and Game Modes are created.

AI Commanders[edit | edit source]

Commander Vecta.png
Commander Vecta Vecta served with James MacAllan aboard the IMC Odyssey and took part in the mutiny that resulted in MacAllan's defection. Vecta has since become a free agent, fighting for peace in the war-torn Frontier.
M105 M105 started his existence as a MRVN maintaining systems in a secret Militia outpost. During his time there, he absorbed an inordinate amount of tactical knowledge, making him an ideal training opponent.
Cipher Never seen in person, Cipher has made his mark on the battlefields of the Frontier. His skills include a staggeringly effective utilization of hacking, network manipulation, and robotics command and control.
Arcadia Major Arcadia Crane has served across the Frontier in many capacities, most notably as the military governor of Kraken. She favors conventional tactics and relies heavily on the application of massed infantry.
Captain Bathory Originally an IMC pilot, Captain Eliza Bathory currently fights as a mercenary for various sides in the ongoing Frontier conflict. Favoring tactical adaptability, she is adept at using whatever tool is best for the job.
Mad Dog.png
Mad Dog Madog “Mad Dog” Yates has achieved an unparalleled reputation as a radically unorthodox mercenary commander. Despite his often questionable methods, his unpredictability makes him a challenging opponent.