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You have to reach Profile Level 3 to unlock the Social tab where you can create or Join a Guild, Chat with other players, compare Squads and strategies, engage in no-stakes Friendly Challenges, and cooperate to complete Guild Objectives.

Creating a guild[edit | edit source]

When creating a Guild, you can choose the following options. Guild creation has a cost of 1,000 Credits and can include up to 50 members.

  • Name - Create a name for your Guild (up to to 15 characters).
  • Insignia - Choose from a variety of icons from the Titanfall universe.
  • Description - What is your Guild about.
  • Public/ Private - Can any player freely join your Guild if there’s an opening and they meet the requirements.
  • Location - Country of origin for you/ your Guild.
  • Required Trophies - How many Trophies do players need to have before they can join (ranges from 0 to 3,700).

Joining a guild[edit | edit source]

If you want to join an existing Guild, tap on your Profile (avatar) and use the Guild Search tab. Here you can enter the name of a specific Guild or narrow your search by Region. Guilds allow a max of 50 players and some have Trophy requirements that need to be met before you can join.

Guild missions[edit | edit source]

Guild Missions are special events that run every other weekend for all players who are belong to a Guild.

During a Guild Mission, your Score is tracked during Battle and added to a tally for your entire Guild. This in turn fills a meter which can be seen by tapping on the Guild Missions button (exclamation point icon). Each time your Guild fills this meter, it locks in a reward that all participants will receive at the end of the weekend event. There are multiple tiers to a Guild Mission, so filling the meter again upgrades the reward to be even better.

Chat[edit | edit source]

There are 2 forms of Chat in the game:

  • Frontier Chat is open to all players Level 3 or above. Here you can see what's happening around the world, talk shop, share strategies, promote your Guild, and more.
  • Guild Chat is dedicated to conversations within your Guild, with the added functionality of sharing Replays and broadcasting Challenges to other guildmates.

Challenges[edit | edit source]

A Challenge is a no-stakes Battle between guildmates on your Map of choice (no XP or Credit gains and no Trophies are gained or lost). To make matches fair and balanced, both players will have all units within their Squad set to Level 10 for the duration of the match. Challenges are broadcast to the Guild Chat.

Replay sharing[edit | edit source]

You can share your Replays to Guild Chat. This is a great way to show off an epic win, crushing defeat, or a new Squad or strategy.