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Take on other players from around the world in Battle! Winning Battles will earn you Trophies, Victory Caches, Profile XP, and Credits.

Hardpoint Domination[edit | edit source]

Our premiere game mode is Hardpoint Domination, where players fight to capture and control Hardpoints for Score. The more Hardpoints you control, the faster you’ll earn Score. A single hardpoint earns ~1 point every 4 seconds when captured. The first player to reach 100 wins the match. Alternatively you can take out your opponent’s Heavy Turret for an instant win! Each player’s units are BLUE and their opponents are ORANGE.

There is no time limit but the timer is linked to 2 key phases:

  • @ 3:00 = Titanfall - Titans can be deployed.
  • @ 2:00 = Supply Boost - Maximum Supply increases to 15 (up from 10), Supply Gain and Burn Card refresh rates increase, and each player is given +5 Supply instantly.

On some Maps, an event will occur at the 2:00 mark that affects gameplay and strategy in some way. Each map has 1-2 Medium Turrets and 1 Heavy Turret:

  • Medium Turrets earn extra Score (1 Point every 1000 Hitpoints) when damaged and destroyed.
  • Heavy Turrets earn extra Score (1 Point every 1000 Hitpoints) when damaged and will instantly WIN the match if destroyed.